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Hi, I am Linnie T. Baird, ARTIST.  WOW. I still can hardly believe I'm painting and loving it more each day.  I had worked in retail since I was a teenager (over thirty years), and never dreamed I would be painting one day.  After retiring, I really thought I would just share what I had learned in business with young  entrepreneus. Well, sometimes I am doing that. And sometimes I'm volunteering in administrative areas and various other ministries in and through my church.  And I'm always willing to travel, especially to visit my children and grandchildren, as well as going on mission trips around the world. 


I'm also finding that ART & TRAVEL are very compatible!  No place is too far, expecially when I can take my 3 1/2 lb. Chihuahua wih me!  We're always willing and ready to go.  My Dad would always say his middle name must be "Go," because he was always willing to go when anyone offered.  He and I travelled a lot of places together and I guess I inherited the love for travel from him.

About Me, Linnie T. Baird

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